Owen has a large back catalogue of library and production music placed with some excellent Publishers and in range of genres. He almost always has a new collection underway and is frequently commissioned to write entire albums. Owen’s favourite part of writing production music is the breadth of styles he’s asked to explore – from Punk to Modern Classical, Trailer Music to folk and everything in between.

For licensing please contact the relevant Publisher or use the contact page for advice.




Owen was recently commissioned to write this album of music primarily aimed at movie trailers. It’s a full-on barrage of heavy beats, dramatic drops and all-out heavy percussion.

Hear the entire collection here.


American Punk was one of the things that first inspired Owen to pick up a guitar so this collection was very much in his comfort zone. Legitimacy was important here so the entire album was recorded using real guitar amplifiers and features the exceptional Charlie Kenny on drums.

The tracks have proved popular with the track ‘Cheeky Lads’ being used by the BBC ’Top Gear’ programme.

Hear the entire collection here.


Owen recently completed this commissioned album of intimate and refined music for piano and string quartet. The collection was Recorded at Oakwood Studios in Afan Forest Park, South Wales. Oakwood is a one hundred year old church steeped in ambience and character with a sound to match. No compromises were made in capturing the detail of the space and the live performances.

Hear the entire collection here.



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Owen is one of Beds and Beats’ longest standing composers having been with the company since they first launched in 2008. He’s contributed to dozens of albums in all sorts of genres and styles with plenty more to come.



Owen has been writing for The Funky Junkies since the year they appeared under his pseudonyms Buster Dust, Matthew Argyle and Harper Wood. They’re an awesome company with a fantastic catalogue and ongoing enthusiasm for making excellent production music.



Clearwave are an independent Publisher based in Owen’s native Wales. Owen has consistently contributed to their releases since meeting the team behind the label and they’re doing a sterling job placing music globally.



Owen has been contributing tracks to No Sheet Musics catalogue for the past few years, working with his regular collaborator George Taylor. George is a masterful mix engineer and brings out the best in Owen’s composition.



Another Publisher with which Owen has a long standing relationship having been with the label since they launched. Key placements of Owen’s music via Synctracks have included the theme tune for Channel 5’s ‘Benidorm ER’ and a national television advert for Wink Bingo.


Owen is my “go to guy” for guitar sessions, mainly because he’s talented, quick and efficient, knowledgeable beyond belief, and for all my projects (which can range from Classical to Hardcore dance) he has just picked up his guitar and proved his versatility again and again. He has a nice selection of guitars which suit all sorts of sounds and I’m always impressed with his speedy turnaround.

Dave Bethell

Producer, Composer, Artist (a.k.a. D-CODE), Head Rooster, Beds & Beats

Owen is a highly skilled composer with many strings to his bow. I recommend him highly and It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Tim Hiscox

Music Producer, Reelworld

Pleasure to work with, clear communicator and skilled in a range of genres.

Liz Williams

Marketing Manager - Business Development - Music Production - Creative Sync and Music Event Management, Synctracks

Owen is a fantastic musician and composer, who creates music of a high quality. He has a great knowledge of the industry and is a privilege to work with.

Michael Panting

Music Consultant / Client Relations, Synctracks

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